Welcome to the Elcometer firmware upgrade area. The downloads listed below include both bug fixes and product enhancements. The firmware upgrades are only available for Corrosion and Precision thickness gauges & Flaw Detectors.

If you have purchased one of Elcometers MTG or PTG gauges, you can update your gauge via ElcoMaster®. If you haven't downloaded ElcoMaster®, you can do so for free here.

Instruction to Upgrade

1. Download the required firmware file

2. Plug in the gauge to your PC using the USB

3. Drag the firmware file to the USB drive

4. Disconnect the gauge from the USB port

5. Then in the gauge menu go to DATA TRANSFER then select UPGRADE GAUGE

6. Then it will say “Load file”. Then press OK. The gauge powers down and the powers back on again (with flashing lights).

Corrosion Thickness Gauges

Precision Thickness Gauges

Flaw Detector