Customer Case Study: Züblin Chimney and Refractory GmbH


After sourcing a new fleet of improved efficiency blast machines, Züblin Chimney and Refractory GmbH, a multi-sited infrastructure contractor, based in Germany, have begun working with Elcometer’s new range of abrasive blast equipment.


Zublin’s impressive, international portfolio includes work on the Adidas Headquarters in Germany as well as the Vancouver Airport in Canada. The turnkey construction and civil engineering specialists blast steel parts such as steel girders and tanks within a controlled tent, for up to six hours per day, five days a week.



Decreased Pressure Losses and Service Time with Elcometer Blast Equipment


When looking for a new fleet of abrasive blast machines with improved efficiency, Zublin spoke with Elcometer experts, who provided valuable technical support and advised Zublin to use the Elcometer 24200 Abrasive Blast Machines with general media valves and an Elcometer 25 metre blast hose with 9.5mm nozzles.


Elcometer’s Abrasive Blast Machines ensure efficiency in a variety of ways and can be adapted to the requirements of any project. The demands of Zublin’s blasting process meant that the pot’s ability to minimise pressure losses was most valuable to the company’s needs. The Elcometer 24200 enabled Zublin to reduce the compressor pressure to the abrasive blast machine from 10bar to 8bar, whilst still delivering the required pressure at the nozzle, thus saving on fuel costs.


With a widened internal diameter of 1½” (38mm), the pipework of Elcometer blast machines helps to minimise frictional losses caused by the boundary layer effect. Additionally, the pipework has minimal bends or restrictions, which further helps to minimise frictional losses and optimise the CFM flow rate through the blast machine, consequently resulting in decreased overall pressure losses.


As well as the pressure saved compared to their previous fleet of blast machines, blasters at Zublin were impressed by how quickly they were able to service the machines and the precision abrasive control of the general valve which ensured maximum efficiency.



Professional Advice From Elcometer Experts


Using Elcometer’s efficiently designed blast machines contributed to severe reductions in the labour, equipment and cleaning expenditure for Zublin.


Alexander Blaschke, Site Manager at Zublin thanked Elcometer for their ‘personal commitment’ in overseeing the completion of the sale, stating that they were ‘advised in a very professional way’ by Elcometer Experts.


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