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ElcoMaster Mobile App

ElcoMaster™ Mobile App brings the office to where you are.

You can connect Elcometer Bluetooth® enabled inspection gauges directly to iPhone, iPad and iPod or Android™ mobile phones and tablets via ElcoMaster™ Mobile App. 

 ElcoMaster Mobile App When out in the field or on site, you can review data instantly using our free ElcoMaster™ Mobile App.   Press ‘Generate PDF’ and watch the ElcoMaster™ App produce a professional report instantly. Email the report to your client seconds after you have finished inspecting or upload it via cloud technology so it can be accessed anywhere in the world.

With data transferred to mobile devices whilst out in the field, the Elcometer gauge does not have to be returned to the office for data download. Inspection work can continue without interruption.

ElcoMaster™ Mobile App shares many features of ElcoMaster™ for PC:

  • Download batches from Elcometer Bluetooth® enabled gauges
  • Add notes, photographs and diagrams
  • Pdf.1 and email reports
  • Using the phone’s GPS2 feature, add this data to batch files
  • Use collection batch measurement location points on photos or images to indicate to users where each measurement needs to be taken


 Connect Gauge  Review Readings  Analyse Data  Store GPS Locations
Connect gauge via Bluetooth® to phone to see live readings directly on the phone and save them into batches.
Review average, maximum and minimum readings instantly.
Analyse data via sequential readings, statistics, charts & histograms or on images.
Store GPS locations in batches and view location on Google Maps2.
 Add Photos & Notes  Manage & Print Data  Email Inspection Data 
Photos & Notes
Add photos, notes and comments.
Manage & Print
Store all data; dry film thickness, surface profile, climate and manual reports in easy to manage folders.

Email inspection data from a mobile device to a PC for further analysis and reporting or transfer data via the Cloud. 



 Download on Google Play  Download on the App Store




ElcoMaster Mobile App Gauges

Surface Profile

Salt Contamination

Climatic Conditions

Coating Thickness

Corrosion Thickness

Adhesion Testing

Gloss Measurements 



1 Available on iOS devices only
2 Available on Android™ only


Elcometer 224 Model T, Elcometer 319 Model T, Elcometer 456 Model S & T, Elcometer 480 Model T, Elcometer 510 Model T:
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ElcoMaster™ on Apple
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