Software Development Kit - SDK

Integrate Elcometer's gauges into your own software applications - automatically using the Elcometer SDK. Elcometers Software Development Kit allows you to quickly link to an Elcometer gauge and download its readings and key data from within your custom software program - whether it be running on Windows, Xamarin Android, Xamarin iOS or Native iOS.


Elcometer currently provide three software development kits for communicating with Elcometer gauges.



Microsoft Windows.Net, Xamarin Android and Xamarin iOS SDK
Allows development of custom software applications using Microsoft Visual
Studio that run on Microsoft Windows, Android or iOS operating systems.




Native Apple iOS SDK
Allows development of custom software applications using Apple Xcode
that run on Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad).




Native Android SDK
Allows development of custom software applications using Android Studio
that run on Android devices.


When releasing applications in the Apple App Store you will first need to do the following to pass the Apple approval process.


Elcometer Application Sheet

1. Download one of Elcometer's iOS Software Development Kit (SDK) above


2. Enrol in the Apple iOS Developer Program.


3. Refer to the manual text file in the Elcometer SDK download to find Elcometer’s Device Protocol Name for developing your App.


4. After you have developed your App, complete the Elcometer Application Information Sheet and email your completed form to Elcometer’s Technical Support Team


5. Elcometer adds your information to our MFi Product Plan which is then submitted to Apple for approval.


6. After Apple notifies Elcometer that the Product Plan has been reviewed, Elcometer will notify you, usually within 1 working week and will provide you with an MFI PPID (made for iOS Product Plan Identification number).


7. Submit your App to the Apple App Store and enter the MFI PPID, supplied to you by Elcometer, in the App metadata review notes field.


8. If Apple do not have any concerns, Apple will review and post your App to the App Store within 1 – 2 weeks and notify you when this has been completed.


Elcometer's Made for iPod, iPhone and iPad Products