Save Time and Money in Powder Coating Processes - New Elcometer 550


Manchester, UK April 2011 – Elcometer are pleased to announce the launch of the new Elcometer 550 Non-Contact Powder Thickness Gauge.


Traditional pre-cure powder thickness measurement requires contact with the coating however, the Elcometer 550 - using proven third generation ultrasonic technology - allows coating thickness measurements to be taken before the powder is cured and without touching the surface; allowing accurate prediction of the final coating thickness.


If components are consistently over-coated, powder is being wasted and they may not fit together as desired, necessitating expensive rework. By using the Elcometer 550 to predict the final coating thickness prior to curing, changes can be made to your processes minimising the amount of rework required, resulting in significant costs savings both in terms of time and expensive consumables.

Key features include:

  • Operating range of 30 – 110µm (1.18 – 4.4mils).
    Non-Contact Powder Thickness Gauge Elcometer 550      
  • Accurately predicts the cured coating thickness within ±5% of the reading or ±5µm.
  • High and low predicted cured thickness limits can be set for the quality control process. If a measurement is taken which falls outside these limits then the gauge displays a warning error message.
  • Ergonomic gun designed for comfortable use over long periods.
  • Hand held sensor allows straightforward positioning and measurement.
  • Large backlit colour display with clear probe positioning indicator making measurement easy.
  • Housed in a tough aluminium case, ideal for testing in industrial environments.
  • Can be used in accordance with ASTM D7378 Procedure C


For more information on the Elcometer 550 Non-Contact Powder Thickness Gauge, contact Elcometer at