Product Description
Technical Specification

Elcometer Rotational Viscosity Standard Calibration Oils

Silicone standard oils are used to check viscosity measurements. The values are given for 6 different temperatures between 20°C and 27°C (68°F and 80°F).

These oils are specifically manufactured for use with Elcometer 2300 Rotational Viscometers and values quoted are nominal at 25°C (77°F). 



Technical Specification

Part Number

500ml (1 pint)



KT009999N101 Standard calibration oil (500ml/1pint) - 300cP  
KT009999N102 Standard calibration oil (500ml/1pint) - 700cP  
KT009999N103 Standard calibration oil (500ml/1pint) - 1000cP  
KT009999N104 Standard calibration oil (500ml/1pint) - 25000cP  
KT009999N105 Standard calibration oil (500ml/1pint) - 40000cP  


Calibration Certificate supplied as standard