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Elcometer 3505 Cube Film Applicators

These two cube film applicators, manufactured from hardened stainless steel, accurately apply either a single or up to five film stripes, each 12mm (0.5” wide).

Ideal for preparing samples for use with the Elcometer 5300 Linear Drying Time Recorder or for simultaneously comparing formulations. Each cube film applicator is supplied with a set of nineteen thickness gauges from 30 - 1000µm (1 - 40mils) to adjust the film thickness.

Elcometer 3505 Cube Film Applicators 5 stripes
Elcometer 3505 Cube Film Applicators

Technical Specification

Part Number Model Film Thickness Film Width* Number of Stripes Certificate
Metric Imperial   µm mils mm inches    
K0003505M001 K0US3505M001 Elcometer 3505/1 30-1000 1-40 12 0.5 1 ο
K0003505M202 K0US3505M202 Elcometer 3505/2 30-1000 1-40 12 0.5 5 ο

ASTM D 823-E


* Elcometer 3505/1 total width: 26mm (1.0"); Elcometer 3505/2 total width: 146mm (5.7")

ο Optional Calibration Certificate available



19 Metric Thickness Gauges for Calibration