Measuring salt contamination using the Bresle method in accordance with ISO 8502-6/ISO 8502-9

Step 1
Remove protective backing and foam centre from the patch.


Apply the patch to surface and press firmly around perimeter to achieve a complete seal - ensuring that a minimum amount of air is trapped within the test compartment.

step 2
Fill the syringe with 3.0ml of pure water. Insert the syringe into the patch through its foam perimeter, at a 30° angle, so that it passes through the foam into the test compartment.


Inject the water into the test compartment. If necessary remove the remaining air within the compartment.

step 3
During an agreed period of time, without removing the needle - withdraw and re-inject the solution back into the patch, at least four times.
step 4
At the end of the period extract as much solution as possible.


Remove the syringe from the patch and measure the conductivity of the solution using a suitable Conductivity Meter such as the Elcometer 138.