Measurement Modes Explained

Ergonomic, rugged, accurate and easy to use, the Elcometer MTG & PTG range of ultrasonic Material and Precision thickness gauges is ideal for measuring and recording material thickness from just 0.15mm (0.006") to 500mm (20").



The MTG & PTG range of ultrasonic thickness gauges have been designed specifically to make them easy to use, calibrate, take readings and create inspection reports.


Both the MTG & PTG range have a measurement accuracy of ±1% across its full range of 0.15mm (0.006") PTG up to 500m (20)" MTG.
Accurate and repeatable readings can be taken on smooth, rough and curved, coated or uncoated surfaces. The stability indicator provides a visual indication of both the strength and reliability of the ultrasonic signal.


Whilst the MTG2 and MTG4 have a set measurement repetition rate of 4Hz (4 readings per second), the MTG6, PTG6, MTG8 & PTG8 have user selectable measurement rates of 4, 8 and 16 Hz (4, 8 or 16 readings per second).  The MTG6, PTG6, MTG8 & PTG8 also have high speed scan mode allowing 140+ readings per minute to be taken on large surface areas.


The MTG6, MTG8 & PTG8  have data-logging functionality.  The MTG6 can store up to 1,500 readings in a single batch whilst the MTG8 & PTG8 store up to 100,000 readings in up to 1,000 sequential or grid type batches, with alpha-numeric batch naming. Compatible with ElcoMaster® and ElcoMaster® Mobile Apps,  data can be downloaded via USB or Bluetooth® direct to PC, iOS* or Android™ mobile devices for instant report generation.


With a scratch and solvent resistant display, sealed, heavy duty and impact resistant design - dust and waterproof equivalent to IP54 - the MTG and PTG range is suitable for use in the harshest of environments.


*Compatible with iPod, iPhone and iPad.




The Elcometer NDT MTG & PTG range has a number of  measurement modes available to help the user establish the most accurate thickness value.

The modes available vary between models but normally increase as the model number increases.



  Pulsed - Echo Mode (P-E):
Ideal for pit and flaw detection, the total thickness from the base of the transducer to the material density boundary (typically the back-wall) is measured.
  Echo - Echo ThruPaintTM Mode (E-E):
Also known as ThruPaint™ mode, the coating thickness is ignored and the material thickness from the top surface of the material to the material density boundary (typically the back-wall) is measured. To use Echo-Echo ThruPaint™ mode, a high damped, coating thickness transducer is required.
  Interface Echo (I-E):
A highly accurate measurement mode, Interface Echo displays the total thickness from the top surface to the material density boundary.
  Plastic Mode (PLAS):
A mode specifically used for measuring very thin plastics. A special graphite delay line accessory is required for this mode.
  Velocity Mode (VM):
Velocity mode measures the speed of sound of materials and is ideal for determining the homogeneity of a material/alloy and the correct velocity of a material for calibration.