Measure soluble salts on surfaces significantly faster with the new Elcometer 130 SSP Soluble Salt Profiler



Manchester, UK (November 2015) – Measuring soluble salts is now more accurate, easier and faster than ever before thanks to the new Elcometer 130 SSP Soluble Salt Profiler.


The Elcometer 130 SSP is a portable, hand-held gauge which accurately and reliably measures 4 Bresle equivalent readings in less than 3 minutes – more than 4 times faster than Bresle test methods.


Key features include:


  • Bresle (ISO 8502-9) equivalent readings
  • Four times faster than Bresle Patches
  • Displays the peak salt concentration – not just the average reading
  • Pass/fail maps and 2D & 3D salt density profiles provide visual indication of salt contamination
  • Store up to 3,500 sets of readings or transfer data via Bluetooth® or USB to ElcoMaster® for PC or mobile devices or your own inspection app for instant report generation
  • Rugged and reliable, ideal for use in the field or the laboratory


Bresle Patch Equivalent

Side by side testing under laboratory conditions in accordance with ISO 8502-9, shows that the Elcometer 130 SSP Soluble Salt Profiler is equivalent to the Bresle Patch Method.


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