How to measure material thickness using the Elcometer 304 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge


The Elcometer 304 Ultrasonic Material Thickness Gauge is ideal for measuring the material thickness and sound velocity of both coated and uncoated surfaces.


Ultrasonic material thickness gauges are often used to inspect components such as pipelines and storage tanks from one side, or where mechanical measurement is impossible or impractical. Ultrasonic thickness gauges can quickly and easily measure wall thickness from one side, with no need to cut parts.


The Elcometer 304 material thickness gauge has been designed to measure the thickness or sound-velocity of most materials such as metals, plastics, glass, epoxies, and ceramics. Using a dual element transducer, the Elcometer 304 thickness gauge has the ability to measure the substrate thickness, even when it is coated with up to 2mm of paint.


The Elcometer 304 is designed to work with a wide range of dual element transducers. When selecting a transducer it is important to choose one which will meet the specific application’s needs. The type of material to be tested, the measurement range, the shape of the substrate (curved or flat) and the size of the material should be considered when selecting the appropriate transducer.


The Elcometer transducer range has intelligent automatic transducer recognition, ensuring correct probe identification even when the transducer is changed.


Using Scan Mode, readings can be taken at a rate of 16Hz (16 readings per second) over a large surface area. When the transducer is lifted off the surface, the average, lowest and highest thickness value is displayed, making scan mode ideal for checking a sample’s overall uniformity.


With a range of measurement modes, the Elcometer 304 can measure the material thickness of many materials. The Pulse-Echo mode is the simplest and most common measurement mode which allows thickness measurement up to 500mm (20”). Sometimes known as ThruPaint™, the Elcometer 304 Echo-Echo mode ignores the coating thickness and produces the thickness readings of the substrate only, making it an ideal mode for measuring the material thickness of coated substrates without damaging the coating.


Compatible with both ElcoMaster® and ElcoMaster® Mobile App, readings can be downloaded via USB or Bluetooth® to PC, iOS or Android™ devices for further analysis and reporting.


Key features of the Elcometer 304 Ultrasonic Material Thickness Gauge include:


  • 2-Point, 1-Point, Material, Velocity, Thickness Set & Factory calibration options, allowing accurate measurements of a wide range of materials
  • Up to 3 programmable calibration memories, allows the user to select a saved calbration method without the need to recalibrate the gauge
  • Hi & Lo limit indicators provides indication of problem areas
  • Intelligent transducer attached with auto recognition, ensures correct probe is identified when transducer is changed