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Elcometer 2215 Lory Viscosity Cup

The Elcometer 2215 Lory Viscosity Cup is a conventional cylindrical cup with a needle fixed into the bottom for quick measurements on-site or during production.

The cup is first dipped into the product to be measured, then empties through the escape hole.  Unlike other Viscosity cups, the flow time is measured as soon as the point of the needle appears.

ElcoCalc™ Mobile App

Fast and easy to use, ElcoCalc™ instantly converts viscosity cup flow time in seconds into Centistokes (cSt).

ElcoCalc™ is free software that is available on Android and the App Store. Compatible with Android™ mobile devices running Android™ 2.1 or later and also iPod, iPhone and iPad running iOS 4.0 or later.

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Elcometer 2215 Lory Viscosity Cup
Elcometer 2215 Lory Viscosity CupElcometer 2215 Lory Viscosity CupElcoCalc-Viscosity-Converter

Technical Specification

Part Number Model Cup Number Range (cst)1
K0002215M001 Elcometer 2215 Lory Viscosity Cup 1 50-1100


1 For Information Only 



7300 stopwatch K0007300M201

Elcometer 7300 High Precision Stopwatch

2400 conversion disc KT002400N003 Elcometer 2400 Conversion Disc
Allowing viscosity (cSt) and flow times of different cups to be calculated.
Front: No.4 cups according to  AFNOR, BS, NF, ASTM, DIN, Zahn 2
Back: No.3-4-5-6 cups according to ISO and Zahn 3




Spirit Thermometer in °C


Spirit Thermometer in °F


Elcometer 212 Digital Pocket Thermometer (°C/°F) with Liquid Probe


Elcometer 213/2 Digital Thermometer (°C/°F)


Elcometer 213/2 Liquid Probe


How to measure viscosity using Elcometer Dip Cups

When measuring the viscosity of a liquid, it is a common misconception that you are measuring how thick or thin a liquid is. What you are really measuring is the resistance a fluid has to flow.

There are a number of ways to measure the viscosity of a liquid, one of which is dip cups.

To download the video script in English click here.