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Elcometer 4340 Motorised / Automatic Film Applicator

The Elcometer 4340 Motorised Film Applicator is the essential machine for preparing a wide variety of product samples including paint, varnish, cosmetics and glue.


  • Ideal for testing liquids including: paint, varnish, cosmetics, glue
  • Precision engineered flat aluminium table for better repeatability - 5 times flatter than glass
  • Heavy base unit to minimise vibration and to produce high quality samples, without "Vibration ridges"
  • Standard table & perforated or channelled vacuum tables available
  • Can be used with a full range of Elcometer Film Applicators

The Elcometer 4340 provides total consistency and reproducibility on various substrates including contrast charts, sheet steel, plastic foils and glass.


4340 combined with leneta Durable & Rugged 
  • Sturdy rigid design to eliminate vibration during film application
  • Up to 15 years of standard use
4340 motorised

Choice of Bed

  • Standard flat table
  • Single and double channelled vacuum tables
  • Perforated and heated vacuum tables
  • Electrically heated sample tables available for temperature control
4340 panel

Smooth & Repeatable Tests

  • Use up to 3 film applicators simultaneously
  • Test up to 2 test charts simultaneously
  • 11 pre-set transverse speeds from 0.2 - 3.9 inches per second


A range of applicator head attachments is available separately, allowing the user to select the most appropriate for their specific use and Standard (if applicable).

The Elcometer 4340 range of motorised Film Applicators comes as one universal base with user selectable head attachments - allowing the flexibility to test using standard film applicators (filmographs), spiral bar coaters or using the combined attachment of both the film applicator and spiral bar attachment.

Elcometer 4340 Automatic Film Applicator
Elcometer 4340 Film Applicator with Vauum TableElcometer 4340 Motorised Film ApplicatorElcometer 4340 Motorised / Automatic Film Applicator

Technical Specification

Part Number Test Chart
Ambient to 200°C
(Ambient to 392°F) 










Dimensions 780 x 490 x 320mm (30.7 x 19.3 x 12.6")
Table Dimensions3 600 x 305mm (23.6 x 12”)4 / 521.75 x 305mm (20.5 x 12”)
Weight 29kg (64lb)
Packing List

Elcometer 4340 Film Applicator, Combined Film Applicator & Spiral Bar Coater Attachment, 3 x mains leads (UK, EUR & US) and operating instructions


ASTM D 823-C



1 Vacuum Pump supplied separately

2 For 110V unit, add D to end of part number, e.g. K4340M120D

3 Excluding run-off tray

4 Table dimension size only applies to part numbers K4340M10-

ο Optional Calibration Certificate available


Models: M10-, M100, M102 Models: M12-, M120   
KT004340N001 KT004340N101 Film Applicator Attachment
KT004340N002 KT004340N102 Spiral Bar Coater Attachment*
KT004340N003 KT004340N103 Combined Film Applicator & Spiral Bar Coater Attachment*
KTUK4930M001 Vacuum Pump, UK 240V (for use with Vacuum Tables)
KT004930M001 Vacuum Pump, EUR 220V (for use with Vacuum Tables)
KTUS4930M001 Vacuum Pump, US 110V (for use with Vacuum Tables)

 * Each Spiral Bar Coater Attachment is supplied with a rubber mat