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Elcometer 1800 Density Cup Stainless Steel

The Elcometer 1800 Density Cup is a stainless steel precision cup for determining the specific gravity or density of paints and similar products.

The Pyknometer consists of a cylindrical container and lid with a hole for the exhaust of excess liquid.

How to use a Density Cup:

  • Weigh the Cup and Lid when empty
  • Fill with the liquid
  • Place lid on the Cup, removing excess liquid*
  • Weigh the Density Cup when full
  • Divide the weight by the cup volume/capacity to determine the Specific Gravity

*Each Pyknometer has an escape hole in the lid to allow excess liquid to escape.  Any excess liquid should be removed before weighing.



Elcometer 1800 Density Cup
Elcometer 1800 Density CupElcometer 1800 Density Cup

Technical Specification

Part Number Description Volume/Capacity Certificate
K0001800M001 Elcometer 1800/1 Density Cup stainless steel 50cc  
K0001800M002 Elcometer 1800/2 Density Cup stainless steel with calibration certificate 50cc
K0001800M005 Elcometer 1800/5 Density Cup stainless steel 100cc  
K0001800M006 Elcometer 1800/6 Density Cup stainless steel with calibration certificate 100cc


ASTM D 891-B, ASTM D 1475, DIN 53217-2, FTMS 141 4183, ISO 2811-1, JIS K 5600-2-4, NBN T22-110, NFT 30-020

Standards in grey have been superseded but are still recognised in some industries.

Certificate supplied as standard