Elcometer 6090 X-RiteColor® Master Software

X-RiteColor® Master Software, has the power to measure, analyse, control
and communicate colour data through one sophisticated, yet simple
software programme. X-RiteColor® Master helps:
  • Reduce cycle time
  • Increase efficiency of colour data communication
  • Minimise colour waste
  • Create multiple formulation matches
  • Get control of colour faster

X-RiteColor® Master is fully compatible with the X-Rite powerful line of 0/45,
sphere, multi-angle and non-contact instruments.

Technical Specification
QA I QA II Formulation I Formulation II Formulation III
Part Number K0006090M001 K0006090M002 K0006090M011 K0006090M012 K0006090M013
Colour-coded Tag Pilot

Yes Yes
Dot Area/Contrast Ratio Calculations Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Formulation Methods Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Quick Correct
Assign, create Tags and apply Filters
Multiple Tolerances for standards
User Defined Controls
Projects Jobs
Alternate Standard Creation
Display Options
View Sets
5 and 3 angle QA Database
Create/Modify Calibration Sets
ColourDesigner® Emulation
Vue-Rite® (on-screen colour)
General, Conformance, Custom & Sample Reports
Multiple Illuminants
A, C, D50, D65, D75, F2, F7, F11, F12
Data View
Multiple View Capacibility
Simple L*a*b* indices (L*a*b* data, general and
textile), spectral data, status density, trend, notes
and tags, and visual colour
Verbal Colour and FMC2
Network (LAN) Version with ColorMail® (e-mail)
Server-Based (Internet) Computing