Elcometer 456 Coating Thickness Gauge FREE product upgrade



To celebrate the first anniversary of the launch of the new Elcometer 456 Coating Thickness Gauge, Elcometer release their latest FREE product upgrade.


Manchester, England (March 2012) – In line with their policy to ensure Elcometer 456 coating thickness gauge customers are always using the most up to date technology, on the first anniversary of the introduction of the new Elcometer 456, Elcometer have released their second scheduled product upgrade – allowing users to further enhance the performance of their Elcometer 456 Coating Thickness Gauges.


"Once we launch a gauge we continue its development, our aim is to give our customers products that include the most up to date features, throughout the life of the product," stated John Fletcher, Elcometer's Technical Support Manager. "Customers simply connect their gauge to a web-enabled PC running ElcoMaster® software and the on-screen instructions will guide the user through the free upgrade process."


Elcometer's team of engineers have developed this latest free product feature update to include:


  • New live reading trend graph - allowing users to view the last 20 coating thickness measurement values as they take readings.
  • The doubling of memory on the Elcometer 456 Coating Thickness Gauge Model S and T gauges. Users can now store up to 150,000 readings in 2,500 batches
  • Calibration Pin Code Lock – ensuring users do not accidentally change their calibration settings
  • Tap awake feature – simply tap the gauge to bring the display back to life


With a coating thickness measurement capability to ±1% on smooth, rough, thin and curved surfaces, the Elcometer 456 coating thickness gauge is available in a range of models for measuring dry film thickness on both ferrous & non-ferrous metal substrates.


Measuring more than 70 readings per minute on its 2.4" colour display, the Elcometer 456 coating thickness gauge is more than 40% faster than other gauges. It is impact resistant and sealed against dust and water to a rating equivalent to IP64.


The Elcometer 456 coating thickness gauge outputs readings via Bluetooth or USB to ElcoMaster® data management software or the ElcoMaster® for Android App creating professional inspection reports in minutes – in the office or on site.