Elcometer 3045 Pendulum Hardness Tester - Press Release April 2010



New Pendulum Hardness Tester from Elcometer


Manchester, UK, April 2010 – Elcometer are pleased to announce the launch of their new pendulum hardness tester, the Elcometer 3045. The new Elcometer 3045 offers customers the latest in design and innovation; equipped with a number of unique features designed specifically to maximise repeatability and reproducibility of the pendulum hardness test method.


With a user friendly interface, available in a choice of 19 languages and a fully automated test, the Elcometer 3045 does all the hard work for you. Simply fit the pendulum on to the loading pins, load the sample and close the door. The pendulum automatically moves to the start position, the sample table rises and the test begins.


The Elcometer 3045 has a choice of two operating modes; ‘Immediate Mode’ – allowing users to perform a single test with readings displayed on integral screen or alternatively, ‘Batching Mode’ - the instrument performs three consecutive tests and displays the average of the three tests.


In ‘Batching Mode’, the results of each individual test are stored in one of the 10 available batches in the memory. Data from all batches or a single batch can be downloaded to a PC for further analysis / reporting using the supplied ElcoMaster™ software.


The fully automated calibration procedure provides confidence in the test results. The Elcometer 3045 performs a full calibration routine using the glass calibration tile supplied; if the gauge is out of specification then, at the touch of a button, it automatically adjusts to the meet the specified standard.


Pendulum hardness testers must be set up correctly before use. It is most important that the unit is level. With an integrated bubble level on the specimen table users can quickly identify whether or not the specimen table is correctly aligned and if required, simply adjust the rotating feet at the base of the unit.


The sturdy and robust design provides a stable environment for tests ensuring repeatable and consistent results. The rigid perspex door allows easy access for sample positioning and if opened during test a warning signal alerts the user and the test stops. The test will not begin again until the instrument is reset.


For more information on the Elcometer hardness product range, contact Elcometer at sales@elcometer.com.