Viscosity is perceived as ‘thickness’ or resistance to pouring, but there is more to viscosity than this. All fluids have an internal friction between molecules, which determines how well fluid flows. Due to this internal friction, energy is required to move the liquid and viscosity is the measure of the resistance to flow. Elcometer manufactures and supplies a wide range of viscosity gauges from flow cups to dip cups to rotational viscometers.


Viscosity:  A measure of the resistance of a liquid to flow.

Kinematic Viscosity: The absolute viscosity of a fluid divided by the density of the fluid. Also known as the coefficient of kinematic viscosity.

Centipoise: A unit of measurement of which water is the standard at 1cP.

Newtonian fluids: Are fluids that continue to flow at a given temperature, such as water and some oils - regardless of the forces acting on it.  No matter how fast it is stirred or mixed, Newtonian fluids will always behave in the same manner. 

Non-Newtonian fluids: Are fluids which change viscosity when a force is applied, e.g. paints and ketchup, etc.