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Elcometer 116 Whirling & Sling Hygrometers

The Elcometer 116 Whirling and Sling Hygrometers are designed to determine the dew point and relative humidity (RH) at any given time.

The Elcometer 116A Whirling Hygrometer is available in Celsius scale. A guide for Relative Humidity (RH) determination is supplied with each instrument and the dewpoint can accurately be calculated using the Elcometer 114 Dewpoint Calculator.

The Elcometer 116C Sling Hygrometer, shown as the black unit in the photograph, is a convenient, self contained instrument with an inbuilt slide rule for the calculation of %RH and dewpoint. This hygrometer has spirit filled thermometers and is available in °C or °F scales. 


  • Manual operation, no power supply required
  • Spirit filled thermometers
Elcometer 116 Whirling & Sling Hygrometers
Elcometer 116 Sling HygrometerElcometer 116 Whirling HygrometerElcometer 116 Hygrometer

Technical Specification

Part Number Description
G116A---1 Elcometer 116A Whirling Hygrometer - Metric °C
G116C---1 Elcometer 116C Sling Hygrometer - Metric °C
G116C---2 Elcometer 116C Sling Hygrometer - Imperial °F
Measuring Range -5°C to 50°C (23°F to 122°F)
Dimensions 17 x 22mm (6.9 x 10”)
Weight 300g (0.6lb)

Packing list

Elcometer 116 Whirling Hygrometer, slide rule table, carry case and operating instructions
Elcometer 116 Sling Hygrometer, slide rule table and operating instructions 


T1164441- Elcometer 116A Spare Thermometer - °C T1164479- Elcometer 116C Spare Thermometer - °F
T11631224 Elcometer 116C Spare Thermometer - °C (Pack of 2) T11600212 Elcometer 116A Replacement Slide Rule
T1164487- Elcometer 116A Wicks (Pack of 5) T11631168 Elcometer 116C Wicks (Pack of 4)
T13827259 Pure Distilled Water - 250ml (8.5fl oz) T13827494 Pure Distilled Water - 1000ml (33.8fl oz)