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Elcometer 134S Chloride Ion Test Kit for Surfaces

The Elcometer 134S Chloride Ion Test Kit for Surfaces allows the surface to be tested for chloride salts prior to application of a coating.

Chloride salts left on the surface before the first coat is applied can result in the coating system being forced off the surface by corrosion or blistering before the full life of the coating has been reached.

To ensure that the chloride has been removed it is essential that the surface is tested before the coating is applied.

Elcometer 134S test method: a latex sleeve is filled with a Chlor*Rid extract solution and stuck to the test surface where the solution is worked against the surface to extract the salts. The titration tube is inserted and the results can be recorded.

Elcometer 134S Chloride Ion Test Kit for Surfaces

Technical Specification

Part Number Description
E134----1 Elcometer 134S Salt Detection Kit for Blast Cleaned Surfaces
Measurement Range 1 - 60µg/cm² (1 - 60ppm)
Scale Resolution 1µg/cm² (1ppm)
Tests per kit 5
Storage Conditions Not exceeding 25°C (77°F)
Weight 250g (9oz)
Dimensions 185 x 125 x 110mm (7 x 5 x 4.5”)
Packing List 5 x test kits each containing: titration tube snapper, strap, clip, pre-measured bottle of Chlor*Rid extract solution, sleeve, titration tube and operating instructions

ISO 8502-5, SSPC Guide 15