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Elcometer 307 Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gauge

The new Elcometer 307 ultrasonic precision thickness gauge is designed to provide accurate measurements of thin materials.

Measures thin materials with pinpoint accuracy

The new flexible, easy to use Elcometer 307 has a measurement range of 0.15mm (0.006”) to 25.40mm (1.000”) with ±1% accuracy, across three measurement modes; Interface Echo (IE), Echo Echo (EE) & Plastic mode (PLAS).

Choose & customise the reading display

The new Elcometer 307 has a choice of display modes allowing the user to select the most appropriate for their needs; Readings, Selected Statistics, Bar Graph, Run Chart & Differential Mode.

User definable limits for pass/fail indication

Limits can be set on the new Elcometer 307 for individual readings or for each batch with audible & visual pass/fail warnings.

Store each measurement for further analysis

Up to 100,000 readings can be saved into the gauge memory as each measurement is taken, which can later be downloaded into an inspection application or into ElcoMaster® for further analysis and reporting.


Data output to PC, Android or iOS mobile device

Connect the new Elcometer 307 via Bluetooth® or USB to a PC, Android or iOS mobile device & download the data into an inspection application or into ElcoMaster® for instant report generation.




Key features of the Elcometer 307 Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gauge include:



  • Hi & Lo limit indicators provides indication of problem areas
  • 2-Point, 1-Point, Material, Velocity, Thickness Set & Factory calibration options, allowing accurate measurements of a wide range of materials
  • Up to 3 programmable calibration memories, allows the user to select a saved calbration method without the need to recalibrate the gauge
  • Selectable measurement rate of 4, 8, 16Hz (4, 8, 16 readings per second) 
  • Scan mode at 16Hz, ideal for measuring a large surface area
  • Stores up to 100,000 readings in up to 1,000 sequential batches for further analysis & downloading to a PC or mobile device
  • USB & Bluetooth® data output to ElcoMaster® PC or  ElcoMaster® Mobile App for instant report generation
  • Intelligent transducer attached with auto recognition, ensures correct probe is identified when transducer is changed. The Elcometer 307 is supplied with or without a 15MHz ¼” Microdot Right Angle Single Element Thickness Transducer. Click here for a full list of transducers.

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Technical Specification


Product Features

Precision Thickness Gauge



Precision Thickness Gauge with 15MHz ¼" Single Element Transducer



Easy to use menu structure in multiple languages


Tough, impact, waterproof & dust resistant; equivalent to IP54


Bright colour screen; with automatic or manual brightness adjustment


Scratch and solvent resistant display; 2.4" (6cm) TFT


Large positive feedback buttons


USB power supply via PC


Gauge software updates1 via ElcoMaster® Software


Data Output


USB; to PC


Bluetooth®; to PC, Android™ & iOSǂ devices


ElcoMaster® PC software


2 year gauge warranty2


Limits; 40 definable audible & visual pass/fail warnings


Auto transducer recognition


Measurement Modes


Interface Echo (IE), Echo-Echo (EE), Plastic Mode (PLAS)


Measurement Rate

4, 8, 16Hz3  
Thickness Range4    

Interface Echo (IE): 1.65 - 25.40mm (0.065 - 1")


Echo-Echo (EE): 0.15 -10.15mm (0.006 - 0.4")


Plastic Mode (PLAS): 0.15 - 5.00mm (0.006 - 0.197")


Measurement Accuracy (whichever is the greater)

±1% or ±0.015mm (0.001")   

Measurement Units


mm or inches


m/s, inch/µs


Repeatability / Stability Indicator


Display Modes




Selected statistics, Scan thickness bar graph,

Run Chart, Readings & Differential


Selectable Reading Resolution


Lo; 0.1mm (0.01 Inch), 10m/s (0.001 in/μs)


Hi; 0.01mm (0.001 Inch), 1m/s (0.0001 in/μs)




Number of readings (n), Mean (average) (x),

Standard deviation (σ), Lowest reading (Lo),

Highest reading (Hi), Coefficient of Variation (CV%)


Low / High limit value, Reading Range Value, Nominal Value,
Number of readings below low limit, Number of readings above high limit


Calibration Options


1-Point & 2-Point


Material selection; 39 preset materials


Factory; resets to the factory calibration


Velocity (speed of sound)


Known Thickness Value


Calibration Features


Calibration memories;

3 programmable memories with optional PIN calibration lock


Measurement outside calibration warning


Data Logging


100,000 readings in 1,000 alphanumeric batches


Fixed batch size mode; with batch linking


Date & time stamp, Review, Clear & Delete batches


Batch review graph



Technical Specification

Part Number




Elcometer 307 Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gauge


Elcometer 307 Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gauge with

15MHz ¼" Microdot Right Angle Single Element Transducer

Transducer Probe type

Single Element

Measurement & Thickness range5

Interface Echo (IE): 1.65 - 25.40mm (0.065 - 1”) 
Echo Echo (EE): 0.15 - 10.15mm (0.006 - 0.4”)
Plastic Mode (PLAS): 0.15 - 5.00mm (0.006 - 0.197”)

Measurement Accuracy

±1% or 0.015mm (0.001") - whichever is the greater


0.1mm (0.01") or 0.01 (0.001") switchable

Measurement Rate

4, 8 & 16Hz (4, 8 & 16 readings per second)

Operating Temperature

-10 to 50°C (14 to 122°F)

Data Output

USB & Bluetooth®

Power Supply

2 x AA batteries

Battery Life6

Alkaline: Approx. 15 hours 
Lithium: Approx. 28 hours

Gauge Weight

210g (7.4oz) - including batteries, without transducer

Gauge Dimensions

145 x 73 x 37mm (5.7 x 2.87 x 1.46") - without transducer

Packing List

Elcometer 307 Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gauge, ultrasonic couplant,

carry pouch, 3 x screen protectors, wrist harness, 2 x AA batteries,

user guide, plastic transit case, calibration certificate,

2 year warranty extension card, ElcoMaster® software CD & USB cable.


EN 14127, EN 15317



ǂ Click here to find out how to integrate Elcometer’s MFi certified products to your App.
1 Internet connection required.              
2 Elcometer 307 gauges are supplied with a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. The warranty can be extended to two years here.
3 User selectable default setting in scan mode is 16Hz. 
4 Dependent on the material being measured and the transducer being used.
5 Dependent on material being measured & transducer being used
6 When in continuous reading mode at a reading rate of 4 Hz. Rechargeable batteries may differ.
Calibration Certificate supplied as standard.




Intelligent Single Element Transducers


When selecting a transducer it is important to choose one which will meet the specific application’s needs. The type of material to be tested, the measurement range, the shape of the substrate (curved or flat) and the size of the material should be considered when selecting the appropriate transducer. All part numbers starting with ‘TX’ are Microdot Right Angle transducers and are supplied with a calibration certificate.

PTG Transducer 






Suitable for measuring

Suitable for

Part Number












15.0 MHz Single Element Transducer



Right Angle



20.0 MHz Single Element Transducer



Right Angle




* S - Standard undamped transducer






Calibration Standards


Calibration standards are available as a set or individually, allowing users to select the most appropriate thickness for their application. Elcometer calibration standards are manufactured from 4340 steel to a tolerance of ± 0.1% of the nominal thickness and are supplied complete with calibration certificates.


Part Number





Calibration standard set; Nominal Thickness 2-30mm (0.08-1.18”)1,2
Comprising of; 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 & 30mm (0.08, 0.20, 0.39, 0.59, 0.79, 0.98 & 1.18”),

complete with holder & calibration certificate.




Calibration standard set; Nominal Thickness 40-100mm (1.57-3.94”)1,2
Comprising of; 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 & 100mm (1.57, 1.97, 2.36, 2.76, 3.15, 3.54 & 3.94”),

complete with holder & calibration certificate.




Calibration Holder; for thicknesses up to 100mm (3.94")




Individual Calibration Standard, Nominal Thickness 2mm (0.078")1




Individual Calibration Standard, Nominal Thickness 5mm (0.196")1




Individual Calibration Standard, Nominal Thickness 10mm (0.393")1




Individual Calibration Standard, Nominal Thickness 15mm (0.590")1




Individual Calibration Standard, Nominal Thickness 20mm (0.787")1




Individual Calibration Standard, Nominal Thickness 25mm (0.984")1




Individual Calibration Standard, Nominal Thickness 30mm (1.181")1




Individual Calibration Standard, Nominal Thickness 40mm (1.574")1




Individual Calibration Standard, Nominal Thickness 50mm (1.966")1




Individual Calibration Standard, Nominal Thickness 60mm (2.362")1




Individual Calibration Standard, Nominal Thickness 70mm (2.755")1




Individual Calibration Standard, Nominal Thickness 80mm (3.149")1




Individual Calibration Standard, Nominal Thickness 90mm (3.543")1




Individual Calibration Standard, Nominal Thickness 100mm (3.937")1









Ultrasonic Couplant


Elcometer has developed a viscous gel to work on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. The temperature range for regular couplant is -15 to 104°C (5 to 220°F). The Elcometer high temperature gel has a range of up to 510°C (950°F) for use with high temperature transducers.


Part Number





Ultrasonic Couplant; 120ml (4fl oz)




Ultrasonic Couplant; 300ml (10fl oz)




Ultrasonic Couplant; 500ml (17fl oz)




Ultrasonic Couplant; 3.8 litres (1 US Gallon)




High Temperature Couplant; 60ml (2fl oz)
For use with high temperature transducers up to 510°C (950°F)









Transducer Adaptor


This adaptor allows single element, ‘non-intelligent’ and other transducers with Lemo Connectors from Elcometer and other manufacturers to be used with the Elcometer 307 product range.


Part Number





Single Element Transducer Adaptor









Delay Lines


Each single element transducer is supplied complete with 9mm and 12mm acrylic delay lines suitable for measuring on steel, aluminium and titanium. If measuring thin plastics using Plastic Mode (PLAS), a graphite delay line must be used. These are available to purchase as optional accessories.

Part Number





Acrylic Delay Line




Acrylic Delay Line




Graphite Delay Line





1 Imperial values for information purposes only. Calibration standards are manufactured and measured in millimeters.

2 Elcometer 307 nominal thickness is only 2 - 25mm.