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Elcometer 3092 Sclerometer Hardness Tester

The Elcometer 3092 Sclerometer Hardness Tester measures the hardness of a coating by moving a Tungsten Carbide Tip over the coating with predetermined force.

The body of the hardness testing instrument contains a cursor fitted with a screw lock and a round tip, compressed by one of the four springs corresponding to the four printed scales:

  • Grey spring: 0-3N (0.671lbF)
  • Red spring: 0-10N (2.248lbF)
  • Blue spring: 0-20N (4.49lbF)
  • Green spring: 0-30N (6.74lbF)

The spring force can be set by the “collar”; compressing the spring increases the force with which the tip is pushed on to the surface of the test piece.

By making short, straight movements while gradually increasing the load, the user can observe the force at which the tip leaves a mark or destroys the coating.

Each Elcometer 3092 Sclerometer Hardness Tester is supplied in a case with a 0.75mm (0.03”) diameter tungsten carbide tip and 3 springs (grey, red and blue). An optional green spring of 0 - 30N is also available.

Elcometer 3092 Sclerometer Hardness Tester
Elcometer 3092 Sclerometer Hardness TesterElcometer 3092 Sclerometer Hardness Tester

Technical Specification

Part Number Description
K0003092M201 Elcometer 3092 Sclerometer Hardness Testers - 3 ranges
Dimensions 165 x 24 x 16mm (6.5 x 1 x 0.6”)
Weight 370g (13oz)
Packing List Elcometer 3092 Sclerometer, tool with 0.75mm (0.03”) diameter tungsten carbide tip, 3 springs (grey, red and blue), carry case and operating instructions

AS 3894.4, EN 438-2, ISO 4586-2


KT003092P001 0.5mm (0.02”) Tungsten Carbide Tip
KT003092P002 0.75mm (0.03”) Tungsten Carbide Tip
KT003092P003 1.0mm (0.04”) Tungsten Carbide Tip
KT003092P008 90° Diamond Point Cone, 90µm (3.54mils) Radius - ISO Type
KT003092P004 Grey Spring 0 - 3N (0 - 0.67lbF)
KT003092P005 Red Spring 0 - 10N (0 - 2.248lbF)
KT003092P006 Blue Spring 0 - 20N (0 - 4.49lbF)
KT003092P007 Green Spring 0 - 30N (0 - 6.74lbF)


Hardness Tester

How to test coating hardness using the Elcometer 3092 Sclerometer Hardness Tester

A quick and effective way to test coating hardness is the Scratch method, which is completed using a sclerometer, also known as a hardness pen or durotest stylus. So, how does it work?


Click here to download the video script in English