Washability & Abrasion

Washability & Abrasion

Improved mechanical resistance to wear is a key requirement of a wide range of products. From coatings to clothing, leather to upholstery, keypads to plastic toys, a product’s ability to resist wear is an important characteristic.

There are testing methods relating to the ‘abrasion by friction’ concept. Others are based on the projection of abrasive particles on to the test specimen. These techniques provide valuable information about materials and processes.

Abrasion: The ability of a coating to resist damage caused by a defined material rubbing its surface. Abrasive wear is the erosion of material from a solid surface by the action of another solid.

Washability: The ability of a coating to withstand being washed using either wet or dry scrubbing action. The effect can be determined in terms of coating weight loss, loss of gloss or loss of thickness after the scrubbing process.