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Elcometer 4695 Opacity Charts

The Elcometer 4695 Opacity Charts are used to test the hiding power of the coating, using large black and white areas.

The term “Opacity Chart” refers to charts on which the test pattern is a simple combination of black and white areas, large enough for wider aperture reflectance instruments, as well as for visual opacity and colour observations.

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Elcometer 4695 Opacity Charts

Technical Specification

Part Number Description Chart Dimensions Box Weight Quantity
per Box
per Case
Box Case   mm inches      
K0004695M003 K0004695M203 Leneta Chart 2A 140 x 254 5½ x 10 2.72kg (6lb) 250 6


Leneta Chart 2C 194 x 260 75/8 x 10¼ 4.08kg (9lb) 250 4
K0004695M006 K0004695M206 Leneta Chart 3B 194 x 289 75/8 x 113/8 4.08kg (9lb) 250 4
K0004695M015 K0004695M215 Leneta Chart 5C 194 x 260 75/8x 10¼ 4.08kg (9lb) 250 4