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Elcometer 4695 Brushout Cards

The Elcometer 4695 Brushout Cards are designed for informal brushout applications; thicker paper is used for the testing of coatings applied with a brush or roller.

The paper stock is almost twice the thickness of regular chart paper to give greater rigidity for more convenient handling - nominal thickness 0.5mm (20 mils).

Brushout Cards are also used widely for drawdowns and colorimetric measurements.

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Elcometer 4695 Brushout Cards

Technical Specification

Part Number Description Chart Dimensions Box Weight Quantity
per Box
per Case
Box Case   mm inches      
K0004695M005 K0004695M205 Leneta Chart 2DX 98 x 152 37/8 x 6 3.18kg (7lb) 500 4
K0004695M016 K0004695M216 Leneta Chart 5DX 98 x 152 37/8 x 6 3.18kg (7lb) 500 4
K0004695M102 K0004695M302 Leneta Chart WDX 98 x 152 37/8 x 6 3.18kg (7lb) 500 4