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Elcometer 355 Coating Thickness Gauge

The Elcometer 355 Coating Thickness Gauge's watchwords are accuracy, simplicity, versatility and durability making this a true state of the art hand-held measuring system packed with time-saving and cost-cutting features.

Available as a standard and top model, the unit’s large memory stores up to 10,000 readings in batches and data can be output to PC, datalogger or printer as required.

With a comprehensive range of Probe Modules available, simply select the most appropriate for the application. All modules are supplied with calibration foils.

  • ±1% or 1µm accuracy whichever is greater
  • Rugged aluminium case designed for the toughest environments
  • ElcoMaster® software supplied
  • Full statistical analysis - mean standard deviation, number of readings, highest and lowest value
  • RS232 output
  • Date and time stamp

Each coating thickness gauge is supplied without a probe allowing the choice of the correct probe for the relevant applications.

Elcometer 355 Coating Thickness Gauges
Elcometer 355 Standard Coating Thickness GaugeElcometer 355 Top Coating Thickness GaugeElcometer 355 Top Coating Thickness Gauge

Technical Specification

Part Number Description Certificate
A355----T Elcometer 355 Top Coating Thickness Gauge ο
Operating Temperature 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 120°F)  
Storage Temperature -10°C to 60°C (14°F to 140°F)  
Dimensions 175 x 83 x 42mm (6.9 x 3.3 x 1.6”)  
Weight 650g (1.43lb)  
Reading Speed 40 readings per minute  

Auto Repeat Mode

130/140 readings per minute

Data Output RS232C Serial or Parallel Output via D25 Type Connector (Female)  
Memory Standard: 5,000 reading memory in pre-set batches
Top: 10,000 reading memory in up to 200 batches (individually calibrated)
Battery Type 3 x 1.5V AA Cells (Alkaline) or 3 x 1.5V Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable cells  
Battery Life Minimum: 40 hours with alkaline batteries, 20 hours with rechargeable batteries  
Packing List Elcometer 355 Top or Standard Gauge, leather carry case, precision hand grip, 3 x AA batteries, ElcoMaster® software, PC cable and operating instructions 



AS 2331.1.4, AS 3894.3-B, AS/NZS 1580.108.1, ASTM B 244, ASTM B 499, ASTM D 1186-B, ASTM D 1400, ASTM D 7091, ASTM E 376, ASTM G 12,
BS 3900-C5-6A, BS 3900-C5-6B, BS 5411-3, BS 5411-11, BS 5599, DIN 50981, DIN 50984, ECCA T1, EN 13523-1, IMO MSC.215(82),
IMO MSC.244 (83), ISO 1461,
ISO 19840, ISO 2063, ISO 2360, ISO 2808-6A, ISO 2808-6B, ISO 2808-7C, ISO 2808-7D, ISO 2808-12,
ISO 2808-12, JIS K 5600-1-7, NF A49-211, NF T30-124, SS 184159, SSPC PA 2, US Navy PPI 63101-000, US Navy NSI 009-32,  ISO 2178

The Standards in grey have been superseded but are still recognised in some industries

ο Optional Calibration Certificate available



Precision Hand Grip

The grip is designed to help control the placement of the probe on surfaces in a repeatable way so that the optimum accuracy capability can be achieved.



Precision Hand Grip




jumbo hand grip

Jumbo Hand Grip

Ideal for precision placement for the most accurate results on flat and curved surfaces. Place the probe inside the Jumbo Hand Grip and take measurements - ideal when wearing gloves.


Jumbo Hand Grip - F and N Probes

For use with the following Elcometer 355 probes:

F1 Standard, F2 Standard, F4 Standard, F5 Rebar, N1 Standard

V adaptor

V-Probe Adaptor

Ideal for precision placement for the most accurate results on medium and large diameter curved surfaces such as pipes and cylinders.



V-Probe Adaptor - F and N Probes

For use with the following Elcometer 355 probes:

F1 Standard, F2 Standard, F4 Standard, F5 Rebar, N1 Standard



proble placement jig  

Probe Placement Jig

For the most reliable and repeatable coating thickness measurements, making the gauge score highly in repeatability and reproducibility studies. Ideal for small and large components alike. The probe placement jig is supplied with a probe housing to suit standard F1, F2, F4, F5 and N1 probes. Housings to suit other probes are available as optional accessories.


Probe Placement Jig


Component Hand Vice


Cable Release Assembly - ideal for remote measurements


N4 Probe Adaptor - must be purchased for use with N4 Probes