Product Description

Elcometer CoverMaster Software

Elcometer's CoverMaster™ software will manage your data efficiently and effectively.

Data is transferred quickly into the CoverMaster™ software data management system via RS232 connection. Both Covermeter and half-cell readings can be stored together with associated photographs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and other files.

CoverMaster™ software is supplied free of charge with all Elcometer 331 models that have batch data storage.


  • Data easily translated into a typographic view giving you all the information you need at a glance
  • Data for each reading can be presented in colour or can be shown in greyscale, complete with reading values in each grid
  • Site survey data from both cover and half cell measurements can be shown on the same typographic (or gradient) chart
  • Reports can be fully customised allowing corporate logos, photos and memos to be added providing a fully comprehensive report for clients
  • All survey information in one place, CoverMaster™ links directly with Excel™, Word™ and PowerPoint™ files, it is simple to analyse and assess your results
  • CoverMaster™ - one platform for the storage of data, notes, photographs, PDF files for the creation of comprehensive reports




CoverMaster™ Software