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Elcometer 6075 SP60 Portable Sphere Spectrophotometer

The Elcometer 6075/1 SP60 is a portable sphere spectrophotometer, designed to give fast, precise and accurate colour measurement information on materials ranging from paper and paint to plastics and textiles.

  • Lightweight, compact, portable instrument
  • Diffuse/8° sphere optical geometry
  • Fixed 8mm aperture
  • Large, easy-to-read graphical LCD display
  • Opacity and colour strength measurement
  • Simultaneous measurement of both specular component included and specular component excluded
  • Rugged construction
  • Rechargeable battery for remote use

Key Features

Measuring Functions and Indices
The Elcometer SP60 Portable Spectrophotometer provides absolute and difference measurements for the following colourmetric systems. These values can be obtained from any of the nine illuminants with 2° or 10° observer angle: L*a*b*, DL*Da*Db*, L *C*h°, DL*DC*DH*, DE*ab, DECMC, DE CIE94 and XYZ. Whiteness and Yellowness per ASTM E 313-98.

Pass/Fail Mode
The portable spectrophotometer instrument stores up to 1024 standards with tolerances for easy pass/fail measurement. A red/green LED indicator and the LCD display provide visual confirmation of results. A tone also sounds to indicate a fail result and measurement completion.

Quick Colour Compare
A quick measurement can be taken to compare two colours. This allows the operator to take quality control readings in a time efficient manner without having to create tolerances or store data.

The Sphere
The Elcometer SP60’s diffusing sphere is made of Spectalon®, a durable, highly reflective material designed to perform in a rigorous production environment. The diffusing material prevents degradation due to the flaking and chipping of the sphere wall material.

Opacity, Colour Strength and Shade Sorting
The portable spectrophotometer instrument can measure opacity as well as three colour-strength options: chromatic, apparent and tri-stimulus calculations. The Elcometer SP60 Portable Sphere Spectrophotometer also performs 555 shade sorting. This is an important consideration in the colour quality control of manufactured products involving plastics, painted or textile materials.

Texture and Gloss influence
To determine the influence of the specular component, the SP60 Portable Sphere Spectrophotometer allows simultaneous measurement of both specular - included (colour) and specular-excluded (appearance).

User friendly Ergonomics
In addition to on-board programmes to assist the operator in the measurement process, the spectrophotometer instrument itself is highly user -friendly. It is compact and lightweight with a wrist strap and the tactile side grips make it easy to hold. Read-outs are large and easy to see. A rechargeable battery pack allows extended operation of the instrument.

Elcometer 6075/1 SP60 Portable Sphere Spectrophotometer
Elcometer 6075/1 Spectrophotometer

Technical Specification

Part Number Description Certificate
UK 240V EUR 220V US 110V    
K0UK6075M001 K0006075M001 K0US6075M001 SP60 Portable Sphere Spectrophotometer 8mm Fixed Aperture
Measuring Geometrics d/8°, DRS spectral engine, fixed aperture: 8mm viewing/12mm illumination
Light Source Gas filled tungsten lamp
Illuminant Types C, D50, D65, D75, A, F2, F7, F11, F12
Standard Observers 2° and 10°
Spectral Range 400-700nm
Memory 1,024 standards with tolerances, 2,000 samples
Measurement Range 0 to 200% reflectance
Measuring Time Approximately 2 seconds
Inter-Instrument Agreement CIE L*a*b*:
Average 0.40 ΔE*ab based on average of 12 BCRA Series II tiles
(specular component included)
Maximum 0.60 ΔE*ab on any tile (specular component included)
CMC Equivalent:
Average 0.30 ΔEcmc based on average of 12 BCRA Series II tiles
(specular component included)
Maximum 0.50 ΔEcmc on any tile (specular component included)
Short-term Repeatability* 0.10 ΔE*ab on white ceramic (standard deviation)
Lamp Life Approximately 500,000 measurements
Power Supply Removable (Ni-metal hydride) battery pack; 7.2DC rated @1450mAh
Measurements per Charge 1000 measurements within 8 hour period
Weight 1.1kg (2.4lb)  
Dimensions 109 x 83 x 195mm (4.3 x 3.3 x 7.7”)
Certificate Available Certificate of Calibration: issued for Fixed Calibration equipment and shows readings and traceability
Packing List Elcometer 6075/1, calibration standards, AC adaptor, carry case & operating instructions


AS/NZS 1580.601.3, ASTM C 609, ASTM D 2244, ASTM E 1164, ASTM E 308, ASTM E 313, BS 8493,  DIN 5033-2, DIN 5033-3, DIN 5033-4, DIN 5033-7,

DIN 6174, EN 12373-12, EN 13523-15, ISO 7724-2, ISO 7724-3, JIS K 5600-4-5, JIS K 5600-4-6, NF T36-006, NF X08-012-1, NF X08-012-2



Only available for sales within the EU

* Based on 20 measurements on a white tile

Certificate supplied as standard


UK 240V EUR 220V US 110V Description
KTUK6075P001 KT006075P001 KTUS6075P001 Battery Charger Kit
KT006075P002 KT006075P002 KT006075P002 NiMH Battery Pack