Adhesion Testers



An adhesion test is used to determine the strength of the bond between the substrate and the coating, or between different coating layers. From the largest man-made structures to the smallest household appliances, most manufactured products have a protective or cosmetic coating. Testing coating adhesion will not only help to detect potential coating failure but also define physical properties of a coating during formulation. Premature failure of the coating can, at the very least, result in additional costs of rework. That is why adhesion testing is essential to minimize a risk of poor adhesion.


Elcometer offers a wide range of adhesion testers used to verify that both surface preparation and coating application are within specification. Elcometer adhesion testing gauges use destructive methods, including pull off adhesion test, push off adhesion test and cross hatch/ cross cut test, to measure how well the coating adheres to the substrate.


Adhesion Tests Explained


Pull off adhesion test

A pull off adhesion test determines the coating adhesion by measuring the pull force required to remove the dolly from the coating. The Elcometer range of pull off adhesion gauges have been designed to measure the coating adhesion on a wide range of substrates, including steel, aluminium, concrete, wood, plastic ,etc.


The Elcometer pull off adhesion gages, such as the Elcometer 506 Pull-Off Adhesion Tester, are lightweight, fully portable and provide accurate numerical value for coating adhesion. The Elcometer pull off adhesion testers are simple to use and are ideal for the laboratory or field testing on flat or curved substrate applications.


Push off adhesion test


A push off adhesion test measures the pressure required to push an area of coating away from the substrate. The Elcometer push off adhesion testers are ideal for flat or curved surfaces and can test adhesion on both internal and external pipes.


An Elcometer push off adhesion tester, such as the Elcometer 108, is hand-powered, portable and ideal for testing the coating adhesion on tanks, pipelines etc. For more accurate adhesion testing on curved areas, there is a wide range of curved dollies available, each designed for a specific range of curvature.


Cross Hatch/ Cross Cut adhesion test


The Cross Hatch/ Cross Cut adhesion test is a simple but an effective method for determining the adhesion of coatings. To test the adhesion, the coating is cut into small squares, thereby reducing lateral bonding, and the coating assessed against ISO, ASTM or Corporate Standards.


The Elcometer cross hatch cutter range provides a fast, low cost, visual comparison method for paint and powder coatings up to a thickness of 250µm (10mils). The cross hatch cutter testing is ideal for thin, thick or tough coatings on all surfaces and is perfect for laboratory or field testing.